Contest : TOP BEST PHOTOS 2012
Thursday, 13 December 2012, ϟ 125 shout(s)


Masa pergi usha tumblr Qis tadik , suddenly terjumpa gambar2 yang cantik and beautiful model . Memang mantap diorng punya photoshoot . Scenerylah itulah inilah .. Hehehe . So, terdetik lah dekat hati nak buat contest sikit . Don't worry , syaratnya simple mimple je but sebelum tu korang tengok banner dulu okay ?
Syarat-Syarat Contest 
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How To Win This Contest ?
  • You need to write an entry and attach the banner that I've put at the top of the post okay ?
  • Then , korang linkan ke post ini .
  • After that, you need to upload your picture to be used in this contest 
  • Ciri2 gambar yang boleh digunakan ialah SCENERY  , MODELLING , and NOT food and an animals :'D If korang nak jadikan model gambar korang like aunty korang ke or mommy korang ke Qis benarkan tapi Qis taknak korang ambil or curi gambar dekat tumblr and buat watermark nama korang kay . Be honest :'D
  • In addition, you must put a watermark on the photo to show the pictures is yours and not someone else.
  • Pornography will not be tolerated!
  • Free participation
  • The same image or copied will not be judged! That means the picture was stolen or taken from any web site will not be accepted and you will be removed from the competition.
  • Photos can be edited an NO RANDOM !
  • The most beautiful picture will be the winner  
  • Bila dah siap entry .. Submitkan di post ini kay ;'D 

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Meh lah join contest ni ramai2 and ada hadiah untuk Top Refferal .. Tarikh tutup tak de lagi .. So, gudluck ! Contest ini akan berakhir pada 13 Disember 2012 jam 12 malam :'D

P/S : Akibat ramai yang macam tak sure je boleh use banyak gambar tu sebenarnya boleh je ;3 Okay . Nak send 10 gambar pong boleh .. Hihihi ;3

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